Improving Your Water Pressure At Home

Winter is in full swing and now that a new year has dawned it is time to invest in a fresh start and get back on track. We are likely all going to be stuck in here ur homes for a while longer as the pandemic rages on, and this means now is the ideal

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home business concept

What You Need to Transform Your House Into a Home Business

With the recent mutation of COVID-19, it seems like it will be a while before we can safely go out again. For people who had plans of starting their own business, this may sound devastating. But what you can do is start operations at the comfort of your own home. To do this though, a

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Simple DIY Home Maintenance Ideas You Should Know

Your home is likely the most significant investment you will make in a lifetime, and like any investment, it should be kept well to increase in value over time. This is why taking the time to ensure that your home is in top-shape is vital. Statistics over the years have shown that the average American

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4 Ways To Fund A Home Renovation

While home renovations can be stressful, you can also use them to add significant value to your home. However, it’s never as simple as merely deciding to extend the kitchen or add an en-suite to the master bedroom. You need to know how you are going to fund your renovations, too. For many, this is

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Project: Home Maintenance

If you have had the delight of watching The Home Edit on Netflix or sat sorting your socks after watching Marie Kondo, then the chances are you’re getting into a home maintenance mode. It doesn’t matter if you own your home or if you are renting.  There are some things that you should be making

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Home Improvements That Increase Home Value

If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, you want to get as much as you can from the sale. To this end, you might want to consider a few home improvements. There are all kinds of things that will turn the heads of your potential buyer, and so long as you don’t

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Insulating the house

In the Hunt for Your Abode’s Most Sneaky Energy Stealers this Winter

Honestly, who loves a thief? There’s a reason for the phrase “thick as thieves”, right? Someone who steals must have no shame. And yes, we don’t want someone stealing from us. That’s a fact. And definitely, you wouldn’t want it done right under your noses. The sad part is this could be happening to you

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5 Steps to Cleaning Your Gutters

Fall is the ideal time of year to clean out your gutters. By this time, they will have already collected a fair amount of fallen leaves and debris. It’s a good idea to get rid of this and give them a proper inspection before the cold weather arrives. You should ideally aim to clean your

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Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Want to ensure that as well as looking amazing, it’s practical, functional, and pleasant to spend time in? Here are a few things you need to consider before going ahead with your project:  Put function first The kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in the home….well it is

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home undergoing renovation

Renovation Facts That Would Make You Rethink Your Renovation Plans

You got your budget ready along with the list of projects you want to tackle on paper. But before you start buying new sets of furniture, tearing down walls, or throwing away any old materials, know that there are probably a lot of things you did not think about considering. The last thing you want is regretting

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