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6 Things in Your Old House That Need Replacing ASAP

Moving into an old house is often a risky move. Given the fifty or so years since it was built, the house will have gone through a lot of wear and tear by now. And even with proper maintenance, there are some things inside an old home that need to be replaced at some point.

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Smart Ways to Save Money on a Home Renovation Project

Home renovations are performed for different reasons. Maybe your old house already has cracks on the walls because of bad weather conditions, or your roof has termites. Or, you want to do some cosmetic makeover to the house you’ve just bought. But whether you’re doing a home redesigning or extending, it’s essential to be smart

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Historic Building Preservation: Why Preserving Historic Buildings Make Sense

Old buildings are essentially part of our nation’s heritage. But we try to preserve and recycle old buildings not just to protect existing cultural resources. It is also because it is the environmentally responsible thing to do. If we simply destroy every old building in hopes of constructing new and modern buildings, we will be

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Let It Flow: Maintaining Your House Plumbing System

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult challenge for everyone. During this quarantine period, we have been advised to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the virus. While many have adopted new hobbies during the quarantine period, many have opted for beautification to make their homes picturesque and Instagram-worthy. These are

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Top 5 Home Repairs to Do Before Summer

When spring is on the way, homeowners will inevitably be thinking about the repairs they need to do on their homes. Spring and summer are ideal seasons for carrying out any home repairs, especially ones that must get done outdoors. The thing is, some homeowners might forget about specific jobs, and by the time they

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Moving As Your Home Is Actually Being Built?

If you are in the unique situation of moving house while your new home is actually being built, you know the troubles and challenges you are facing. Where do you put your things? Will they be safe? Where do you stay? How long can you store your things? All of these questions will be floating

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Reinventing Your Home as an Asset for Now, Rather Than Later

Is a home really an asset if you’re living in it all the time? Sure, you can sell it eventually and hopefully make a profit, but what if the house economy crashes? What if you need money now?  Luckily, in today’s world, there are a couple great ways to get that money now and, hopefully,

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The Home Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

Learning to maintain your property can be a great way to save money and hassle, but there are some home repairs that should only ever be carried out by a professional. While DIY can be an effective way to keep your home in tip-top condition, recognizing when to contact a pro is a skill that

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Common Household Problems: Possible Remedies and When to Call for Help

In maintaining your home, you want to make sure that you keep your house in proper order and minimize the damages caused by many factors. This is all the while trying to lessen the costs of repairs and various home improvement installations. Although this seems rational, practical even, it’s not actually as easy as it

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Transforming Your Loft This January

Now that Christmas is over, many of us have spent part of the last week clearing away the decorations and getting ready to put them back in the loft until next year. But before you do, consider how you could transform your loft this month to create a storage space that functions more like a

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