Can You Install an Air Conditioning Unit on Your Own?

Many people love to DIY things. They get to have more freedom with their projects, take their time, and often save money than hire professionals. But can installing an air conditioning unit be one of those projects? Can You DIY AC Installation? It is possible to install an air conditioning unit by yourself. However, it’s

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Boiling water

How to Make Water Safe to Drink

Non-potable water is the water that you get from the source like rivers, lakes, natural springs, and groundwater. This kind of water is not safe to drink, but when it gets to the municipality reservoir, it is usually treated to make it potable. Now you might think that after the treatment, the water from your

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anti-slippery mat

Keep Your Home Accident-Free with These Reminders

Our homes are often our safe haven. We feel safe whenever we are under those familiar roofs and walls. Unfortunately, thousands of unintentional injuries often happen at home. Although we try to keep our space as safe as possible, accidents can still happen. That’s why we have to work more carefully and double-check our homes,

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woman in her house full of plants

Decorate Your Home Like A Pro

For sure, you may have come across some home design ideas online. Now, you’re probably thinking of modifying these ideas with your vision. Living in your dream space is not going to be an overnight success. It will take much effort on your part and a healthy amount of time, money, and creative thinking. But

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Person carrying a bucket of cleaning products

Messing Up the Mess: Cleaning Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

As a responsible homeowner, it’s your job to make sure your house is safe and clean at all times. However, with a busy work schedule– and not to mention all those personal errands you need to do– there’s a big chance to miss out on some of the important steps of the cleaning routine. Simple

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cleaning supplies

Cleaning Solo: The Best House Cleaning Strategy

Your house can be a reflection of you. How you take care of it will be the measure of what you are as a person. Which is why keeping it clean is important to many. It can be a personal statement, but you are also doing that to protect everyone’s health. You can try to

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inside a warehouse filled with items

Maximizing Your Warehouse Space Without Needing to Expand

Warehouses are meant to hold or store items, which is why there’s a saying that if there’s available space, it will eventually be filled. That is why even during slow seasons, warehouses typically stay occupied. That said, when the peak days arrive, managing inventory can be one of the biggest challenges that a supply chain

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condo unit

Living the High Life: Why You Should Choose to Live in a Condominium Unit

As populations swell and more people come to metropolitan areas for employment and other opportunities, the demand for places to live in is steadily increasing. As such, more and more condominiums and other high-rise buildings are being built to address this housing problem. Aside from their convenient locations in most business districts and relative accessibility,

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HVAC repair

Replacement Options for the R-22 Refrigerant in HVAC Units

One of the integral elements in your air conditioning system is the refrigerant. This circulates in your unit to absorb the heat from your indoor air and generate cooled air to boosts your indoor comfort. R-22, also known as HCFC-22, has been the only refrigerant used in air conditioning for ages. This refrigerant is, however,

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Open sign

Reeling Them In: Tips for Driving Foot Traffic to Your Retail Business

Running a brick-and-mortar retail store has a host of challenges you have to overcome and get used to all the time. You need to do regular maintenance, manage records, and make sure your employees are well compensated. The biggest challenge, however, is getting a consistent stream of customers to keep your business afloat. Do you

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