Plants inside the house

Bringing Nature in the Workplace: How It Affects Productivity

It is only natural that nature draws humans to the outdoors. We tend to have an innate bond with nature that it affects our health and well-being, including our motivation and productivity at work. Nowadays, more and more companies are adopting nature into their office design aesthetics, bringing its many benefits along with it. As

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wooden fence

In Defense of Fences: Why Your Home Needs A Fence

We often see fences around suburban homes and neighbourhoods, but more homes, especially those with modern or contemporary designs have started to forego having fences around their property as they don’t fit the style of the house or they see no need to have one. However, fences provide more than just aesthetic appeal to one’s

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Proffesional painting the newly installed custom kitchen cabinets

How Much Should You Spend on Custom Cabinets?

The average cost of custom cabinets is more than $4,400, but it’s possible to spend as low as $1,100 for smaller installations. Homeowners in Utah can pay at least $500 per linear foot inclusive of labor fees and materials. Your location will determine the actual price, particularly if you plan to install custom kitchen cabinets.

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a laptop, phone, and books on top of a white carpet

Repurpose, Reuse: A New Life for Your Old Carpets

You’re typically left with plenty of scrap material after replacing something that’s broken or old. You throw out an item if no amount of fixing can save it. But what if this material was just old but still in perfect working condition? You repurpose it. You find creative ways to recycle it because it’d be

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How Curb Appeal Can Affect Your Business

Experts in the real estate industry know that image plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Your property’s curb appeal can make an impression on the public and give them a glimpse of what your company represents. Without a good curb appeal, your property might not get a second look from anyone.

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Holding a auction paddle

Get the Right Claim: Auctions for First-Timers

You’re on the hunt for a unique antique when, suddenly, you hear it’s been unearthed at a garage in Melbourne or an attic in Sydney. Unfortunately, the finder chose to put it on auction instead of selling it outright and you have no idea how to bid at auctions—or why bid at all. Why (and

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Decorative Gravel

Styling with Stones: Using Decorative Gravel in Landscaping

When you hear the words landscaping, you’d probably think of grass, plants, trees, flowers, or vegetables and how they are put together to create a beautiful garden. However, there’s more to landscaping than choosing which species to plant in your garden. In general, landscaping involves the addition of plants, changing existing terrain, and building structures

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a home being remodeled

The Treasures and Terrors Your Home Could Be Hiding

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably remodeled or at least considered it. And why not? Professional home remodeling allows you to put personal touches, install improvements, and improve your quality of life. But major remodels almost always involve tearing down or digging up a part of your house. And sometimes, you might find surprises long

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man choosing right flooring

Hardwood Flooring: Your Refinishing Options

Refinishing involves removing strips of existing finishes on the floor to apply it again or use a different finishing material. In most cases, experts apply chemical strippers before sanding the floor to prepare it for the new finish. Depending on how the job is done, a refinished floor can increase or decrease the value of

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What You Should Never Ignore When Hiring Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Epoxy floors are an excellent choice for luxury floor upgrades. You still can use these floors on your new construction projects. They are easy to clean, require the least maintenance and will always maintain their glossy look. It is worth noting that the embedded materials and designs into epoxy floors do not lose their color

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